We have proven that ZW Narrative Resilience Technology greatly increases engagement and promotes behaviour change.

And we are constantly developing and testing it further to ensure that the system is always the most effective it can be – whether that system is situated before or after deployment into an organisation.

The ZWNRT system has been developed over several years, driven by our ongoing desire for innovation and excellence.

Having that reputation for narrative innovation, alongside our determination to help solve extremely difficult socio-economic problems, means we have been asked to explore some very challenging subject matter covering a range of issues including health and wellbeing (HOAX Our Right to Hope, IAPT, Circus, Solarized, Sasha’s Trial), the environment (BlueCare) and conflict resolution (Global Peacekeepers).

It is through these explorations that we have honed our craft: the unique combination of narrative, psychology and technology that genuinely does bring about tangible change.

Much of our work is bound by ethics and confidentiality agreements, but we are happy to discuss results where possible, such as those for the mental health project HOAX Our Right to Hope, which proved scientifically that ZWNRT works

The HOAX project aimed to reduce general public stigma around psychosis. In order to achieve this we created an episodic narrative app using ZWNRT, that housed an embedded psychosis stigma study. We invited 700 members of the public to engage and interact with the app, and we measured their engagement and interactions against typical norms and three key behaviour change measures.

Here is what we found:

  • Typical engagement around the subject of psychosis in the general public is 5%. We achieved 50% engagement.

With respect to general public behaviours, we achieved:

  • A very significant increase in the likelihood of individuals seeking help if they felt themselves to be in mental health difficulty.
  • A highly significant reduction in negative behavioural intentions towards individuals with mental health difficulties.
  • An extremely significant reduction in the levels of social rejection of individuals with mental health difficulties.

These were incredible results by anyone’s standards. They have led to a new project that we are currently devising, to study the affects of ZWNRT on actual patients diagnosed with serious mental health conditions, to prove that ZWNRT can promote behaviour change around self-recovery.

Helping people towards self-recovery would have a huge impact on the socio-economics of mental health, which costs the UK alone £105 billion per year.

If you would like to know more about ZW Narrative Resilience Technology, and how it might benefit you, please feel free to get in touch.